Expected Results

Laboratory-based characterisation of nanomaterials has been, and continues to be, one of the key enablers in the growth of knowledge and experience on nanotechnology and nano-enabled products. CHALLENGES will extend the scope of nano characterization beyond off-site laboratory based measurements to proper nanometrology, and is expected to have impacts on industrial production of nano-enabled materials and devices starting from the applications targeted within the project, but with impacts potentially able to be propagated to all major nanomanufacturing processes.

  1. Measurable improvement of speed by at least a factor 2 of nanoscale characterisation procedures, in comparison to already established performance and reliability for the application leading to a significant increase in industrial competitiveness.
  2. Significant reduction of the time and resources needed for nanomaterial development and upscaling, and for nanomaterials-based product development, which should be quantified with respect to established conditions for specific market sectors, with a return of investment in less than 5 years.
  3. Quantifiable enhancement of the ability to control the quality and reliability of products, with consequent improvement of product lifetime.
  4. Quantifiable enhancement of the ability to control the quality and reliability of products with associated environmental benefits.
wafer clean room challenges project

CHALLENGES outputs and findings will increase Europe competitiveness in high-tech manufacturing industry, especially in markets where Asia and US have been dominating the scene, allowing to:

  1. Create a competitive edge in non-destructive technologies for materials characterization. Their implementation for in-line process inspection and control, will foster the competitiveness of EU Semiconductors, Photovoltaic and 2D Materials industries in global markets which are strongly dominated by the US and Asian industries;
  2. Give to EU industry a competitive edge in the production of nanotechnology enabled products, enabling more cost-effective production and quality control processes.