10 September 2020

On 16th September 2020 Challenges will take part at NanoInnovation Conference. The workshop will be organized on four different sessions. The first one will be focused on “Basic principles of Nanospectroscopy”, deepening techniques such as SERS and TERS, showing the potential of conductive AFM as well as the latest results on nanoalloys with plasmonic properties obtained by laser ablation in solution. The second one will be on “Nanotechnology applications”, and will provide an overview of the most recent applications in the fields of biomedicine and biosensors from a therapeutic and diagnostic point of view. The third one will focus on “Manufacturing of nanodevices” for applications ranging from photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices to sensors. Finally, the fourth session will concern “Advanced methods for imaging spectroscopy and metrology”, showing recent results in the field of bio-imaging and nanomedicine engineering, and presenting recent developments of new techniques for the spectroscopic and microscopic characterization of surfaces as well as for 3D optical metrology.

At the Conference will take part Vittorio Morandi by CNR-IMM, that he will present the Challenges project  to the public and together with Onofrio Antonino Cacioppo by LFoundry will make available the poster with more details about the project.

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